What's the function of Latin dance shoes?


1. In addition to attractive appearance, the heel slope of Latin dance shoes can also properly adjust students' standing posture, make students lean forward, and gradually change the habit of hunchback;

2. In addition, the back heel with moderate height can let students grasp the strength of toe grasping and contact the floor more closely while leaning forward, so as to understand the concept that "Latin dance is the art of floor";

3. Because the bottom of Latin dance shoes is basically leather, they will feel very soft and comfortable during the activity, and they will not feel stiff feet and limited activity. Moreover, the soft sole can highlight the curvature of students' instep and show a more perfect posture.

4. The leather bottom of Latin dancing shoes can also play a role of anti-skid and anti astringency. On a relatively smooth ground, you can use a brush to brush the bottom of the shoes with burrs, so as to play a role of anti-skid, otherwise the same.

Because most of the students pay more attention to the appearance of shoes, sometimes they buy some beautiful shoes, so they ignore the real role of Latin shoes. If the bottom of the shoes is hard leather, then the movement is relatively rigid, and the posture can not be displayed better, which will greatly discount the dancing posture. Therefore, I hope that parents and students should pay attention to the combination of aesthetics and practicality when purchasing Latin shoes, and give full play to the role of Latin dance shoes, so as to better show what they have learned and put on a more beautiful dance posture.