How to choose Latin dance shoes?


How to Choose Dance Shoes (Girls Edition)

We should choose dancing shoes from several aspects: the size of shoes, the height of heels, the thickness of heels, the angle of heels, etc.

Wrong point of view: many people choose a pair of dancing shoes with proper tightness and comfortable feet. They usually buy the size they wear when shopping at peace. This is very wrong.

Reason 1: Professional Latin dance shoes belong to soft soled shoes. In the process of dancing, we need not to press the instep. When we don't press the instep, the feet will shrink in, so the shoes will become bigger. On the contrary, a small size of shoes will make you feel comfortable when you don't have the back of your feet.

Reason 2: everyone's foot type is different, and dance shoes need to follow their feet very well (this is the jargon, which means that when dancing, the heels and feet need to be matched together as a whole). So we need to buy a small size of shoes. It's a bit uncomfortable to wear them twice at the beginning, but when we wear them for the third time, the shoes will be propped up and just fit.

The right way to buy shoes: don't buy hard soled shoes, you must buy soft soled shoes without shoes on the back of your feet; when you buy shoes, you should choose dancing shoes that are smaller than those you usually wear when shopping; when you wear shoes on your feet, your toes must exceed the toe of the shoes (it's convenient to hold the floor with your big mother's toes).

Wrong point of view: when many beginners choose dancing shoes, they will choose a pair of shoes with short and thick heels, because that kind of shoes can stand very stable and not easily hurt their feet, so that's the choice of many people. This is also wrong!

Reason 1: because Latin dance needs to move its center of gravity back and forth on the sole, middle of the foot and back heel, especially when it moves forward, it needs to place its center of gravity on the heel completely, and then move people forward with the fastest speed. Girls' calves are not as strong as boys' legs, so girls should choose a pair of 2-1 / 2-3-inch shoes, so it will be easier and labor-saving to move forward.

Reason 2: 2.5-3-inch shoes can make girls stand on the broken palm completely, which is very helpful for the vertical axis of Latin dance.

Reason 3: Latin dance requires dancers to focus more on the inside. If you choose a pair of shoes with thick heels and short heels, you can stand stably even if you stand at the wrong center of gravity. As time goes on, your center is absolutely wrong.

So a pair of 2.5-3 inch shoes is the right choice.